Laura has always been a dance junkie for as long as she can remember. According to her mother, she has  found it nearly impossible to sit still since childhood. As a young girl she learned the Texas Two Step from  her parents and that set off her fiery passion for the art of dance. Swing dancing with her husband has always been a delight and top priority in their adventures together. In 2004, while in college,  Laura was first introduced to Bellydance classes at the campus gym. It became a habit in 2009 after taking  an Urban Gypsy class from the very talented Silvia Salamanca. Since then Laura has poured her heart and  soul into absorbing everything related to the art of Bellydance with the understanding that "once a student  always a student". Now she finds even more enjoyment by sharing her Bellydance knowledge with fellow  students, performing with her drummer husband, Brent Hurter, and producing events. 

Do you know the benefits of Bellydancing?

• Appreciate your personal appearance 
• Boost your physical health 
• Improve your concentration level 
• Advance your flexibility and strength   
• Identify with your creative self 
• Develop your body awareness 

• Learn stage confidence  

Laura G Hurter

Fusion Bellydancer, 

Emcee, Event Producer