Brent Hurter

Brent is the Musical Director for Arcadia, a live drumming and dancing troupe for The Crimson Vagabond Roadshow. He is also the Jam Boss for The Crimson Vagabond Jam-A-Thon.
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​​​​Laura G Hurter
With a degree in psychology from the University of Houston, Laura understands how to combine the concepts of Bellydance with a positive self perception to enrich the spirit. Through Laura’s dancing lessons and workshops a beginning Bellydancer gains skills that can be transferred to their daily life. For questions please email
​Private Bellydance Lessons with Laura
Available for 1 - 2 dancers   
​   Treat yourself to a private session created to develop your own Bellydance goals and ambitions. We can work on the basics, build choreography or even learn tips to scare away stage fright. By the end of your private lessons you will have fine tuned your skills and added new tricks to your Bellydance tool belt.              

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Arcadia brings the high energy and untamed spirit of Texas. As the resident troupe for The Crimson Vagabond Roadshow they blend inspiration from Middle Eastern music, a love for everything Bellydance and rockin' late night jam sessions.  ​

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Private Drum Lessons with Brent
Available for 1 - 2 Drummers

   Personalized sessions are perfect for the beginner or intermediate Middle Eastern drummer to develop their strengths and fine tune their challenges. You will have the opportunity to break down techniques, focus on Middle Eastern rhythms and leave with a practice drill. Private lessons can also be great practice before performances to help build confidence.

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